An Emotional dispute with Spirit

Spirit shares words of wisdom.

Spirit tells me that emotions were designed to serve us well,
as was the power of thought, and that they are meant to be
used together; never either alone.

Rational thought is necessary for survival.

And emotions? Surely they have survival value.

In what way?

Fight or flight, at least.

They are instincts and yes, they have survival value, but
can be over-ruled by thought. We choose to fight or flee.

Okay, then what about a mother’s need to care for her children?

Or a father’s need to care for his mate and children?


Again, instances of survival instinct, but beyond self-survival.

I’m not giving up.

Not yet.

I feel emotions.

Which ones?

I win.


We each are as a personal history book.

Spirit shares words of wisdom.

Spirit tells me that knowing is not a matter of faith.
We know that wounds hurt for we have experienced
their pain, both physically and emotionally.

Physical pain is felt through our physical senses,
while emotional pain is a mental state, and is often
learned and developed through habit.

How do we learn emotional pain?

It is a socially acquired skill.

If you offend me and I feel distressed, then I have
learned to feel distressed, and you are not the cause?


Who taught me?

You taught yourself

Then, everyone would feel offended for the same reason?

Not necessarily.


You could not offend me.

Perhaps you’ve developed immunity to offence.

There are other labels.

Such as?

Tolerance, patience, understanding, compassion -
the list goes on.

You did not include awareness.



The examples I provided each require a certain
depth of awareness.

The problem with that approach, or at least
one problem, is that it would be seem to require
a certain detachment from the emotional state of
the offender, as well as oneself.

Why would that be a problem?

It would suggest a certain lack of sensitivity.

Not necessarily so.

Please explain.

As we becomes increasingly aware of the path,
then we can listen to what some might call offence
calmly, and feel compassion for the distress of
the other. As Confucius might say, “No blame”.

How is that possible?

As we develop ever-more clear vision we can see in
many more directions than one. The present arrived
from the past and we each are as a personal history
book that those who have eyes to see can read, and
we all can and will develop eyes that see, sooner or
later, and from a unique perspective.

I’m not ready for that quality of insight, yet.


The only way.

Spirit tells me that our dreams are worlds of parallel reality
to our so-called awake world, designed to teach us of the
potential for illusion in our so-called everyday experiences.

While dreaming, the dream world seems real, even thought it
may not be in many, or any ways similar to our world upon

How can it seem real, if it is not?

One thing we are aware of during our dream is our own
existence, even if it is experienced no more than as an
observer. We relate to the drama. It seems to make sense
to us, at the time. We never stop to question its

So, the dream could be telling me something totally unrelated
to the scenario in the dream itself?


Then, how do I make sense of it?


After I wake up.

Do you wake up?

What do you mean?

To wake up is to become aware that human existence itself
is an illusion.

But, I am living a human existence.



To develop awareness of the power of relationship.



In that any and all express a way of Life?

Yes, the only Way.

Envy wants what others have without …

Spirit shares words of wisdom.

Spirit tells me that our spiritual journey through the illusion
that is human life must pass through many valleys of doubt and
wind around dark mountains and dense forests of insecurity and

We will lose faith in ourselves and even in the existence of our
goal, again and again. But, we will move on and on, for something
stronger and surer than our own will prepares the path we follow,
as the wise ones have always assured us.

Trust in yourself, He tells me. Build confidence on the awareness
of having come as far as you have. How did you do it? Not without
help. All angels and spirit guides are dedicated to our success.
And, so, we can none of us not succeed. It’s only a matter of …


Not time, for there is none, or none that can be accurately measured.

Then, when we each are ready?


Then, how do I cope with my distress with myself for not being able
to become what I seem to know that I can become, as quickly as I would
like to?

What’s the hurry?

I seem to feel that I’m wasting precious time.

Compared to the progress of some others?


Yes. The need to compete is not entirely socially conditioned.
It is part of our nature, but its natural purpose has been
distorted by social conditioning.

Doing our best can inspire others to do more than they might
otherwise do. It was not designed to diminish others. Likewise,

We should admire those who seem to ee able to do what we cannot?

Yes. recognition of excellence is mutually beneficial. It both
expresses respect and inspires us, not necessarily to be great,
but to be the best that we can be.

Envy is neither emotionally nor spiritually a healthy state of mind.

Envy wants what other have without considering the price the others
may have paid for their success?


Teachers as Messengers?

Spirit shares gems of wisdom.

Spirit tells me that I am not the one who is directing
His traffic, nor is He directing mine, except …

Except what?

Not what, but how and why? We each serve a higher purpose
than our own.

I am free, He tells me, to choose to listen to Him and
the teachings that He would share with me, or not to
listen. He is a messenger and the messages he delivers
to me, for whatever reason or reasons, are far beyond
a one-to-one personal correspondence. They are meant for
whomever cares to hear them and to consider their value.
They were never, He tells me, designed for me, alone.

Why me at all?

You seemed to be ready.

Can you be both a messenger and a teacher of the messages
you share with me?

Is a teacher not as a messenger to his or her students?

Yes, I see. The teacher must first have received the messages
she or he now shares with students.


Form as a temporary illusion

Spirit shares gems of wisdom.

Spirit suggests that I let Life lead me where it wills to.
To resist, He adds, is wasting precious time, my own, or
at least my temporary share of Cosmic energy.

We are each alone together on a journey of discovery. Life
is a treasure chest that has somehow dumped itself and
scattered its precious contents of adventures and, at times
even hidden them, but not without leaving subtle clues, or
not so subtle hints at where and how to find what is meant
for each of us, alone to find, our own inner self, the
perfect complement to who and what we now seem to believe
we are.

How would I recognize this inner me?

It will be as if looking into a magic mirror, that reflects
only your essence, without form. The essence is real and
timeless. The form is no more than a temporary illusion.

The Secret Fire


The Secret Fire could be called The Sacred Fire.

Originally posted on waywardalchemist:


 The Secret Fire is a term used by alchemists. It is a term that has a debatable definition. I assume each alchemist has his own definition. I’ve been lead to realize that the Secret Fire is the combination of energies, under the direction of will, to cause an effect. The Secret Fire is the primal cause, the only cause, and every cause. It is that which Creates. It is not the Creator, but it is his tool, like the Word in Genesis.

Since objective reality is the ultimate arbiter of truth, and since the Secret Fire seeks to combine several subjective experiences into reality, the control of it is the ultimate aim of every Alchemist, and also the ultimate aim of every occultist, whether they think so or not. Any occultist working towards a higher understanding of the universe is seeking to understand and manipulate the Secret Fire. The…

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Abusive behaviour as an addiction?

Spirit shares gems of wisdom.

Spirit tells me that forgiveness is an unhealthy response to abuse.
What, He asks, does forgiveness undo? Does it accept abuse as okay?
even if the abuser says, I’m sorry?

How can abuse be forgiven, and would forgiveness end abuse or seem
to encourage more abuse?

Surely, abuse must be considered as unacceptable behaviour regardless
of who is abusing whom, and if the one who is being abused accepts
the abuse, then that person is guilty of self-abuse.

How, then can we respond to abuse when we cannot protect ourselves
from it?

We make choices and, perhaps, past choices helped to create the abusive

Why do you speak of an abusive situation and not an abusive person?

There are none.

Please explain.

We develop abusive habits or we do not.

As an addiction?


A dynamic relationship

Spirit tells me that He and I are as separate assortments of
energy systems, each containing the same energies as the other
but in different strengths and qualities.

We must learn to harmonize with each other, not to homogenize
our particular unique mix of strengths and weaknesses.

We must learn from the concept of Yin and Yang, who share
a dynamic relationship without denying or seeking to
diminish the intrinsic value of the other.

This is our chosen way of life, and perhaps some day
it will be so with everyone.

The non-dual nature of reality

Spirit shares gems of wisdom.

Spirit tells me that serving life is not an option and that
we each and every one do serve; some more, some less.

Whether we know it or not?

At some level of awareness, we know it. But, we may be
too grounded in physical and material illusion
to consciously consider, or very much care about,
our degree of impact on those with whom we share
our environment, or, possibly, the environment itself.

Many of us fail to see that we may be part of
the environment, from the perspective of some others,
if they are even aware enough to notice us at all.

What about personal relationships?

What about them?

Are they no more or less than a part of our awareness?

Outside of oneself?



I hesitate to ask about what seems to be suggested.

The non-dual nature of reality?


Why hesitate?

I’m not ready to deal with it.